Do Saints Choose Us, Whatever Happened to the Opposite Sex, and More Great Links!

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Saint Joan of Arc Photo
Saint Joan of Arc Photo (photo: Tito Edwards / Brigitte Werner from Pixabay / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Do Saints Choose Us? – Monsignor Stephen J. Rossetti, D.Min., D.D., Ph.D. at +1

Whatever Happened to the Opposite Sex? The Sex Life of the Celibate – Jerome German at Catholic Stand +1

Reviving Eucharistic Reverence – Paul Senz at Adoremus Bulletin

The Way of Beauty at Saint Stephen’s School, Grand Rapids – David Clayton at New Liturgical Movement

A Leibnizian Approach to Ending Abortion – Andrew Cavallo at Ignitum Today

Why I Love My Parish – Christina M. Sorrentino at Missio Dei

Obstacles to God’s Unimaginable Love – Joe Tevington at Catholic Stand

A “Unique Expression” of the “Lex Orandi” in Chicago – Fr. Z’s Blog

Will ‘Anglicanorum’ Get the ‘Traditionis’ Treatment? – J. D. Flynn at The Pillar

Hey, Leading Benepapists, “If You’re ‘Ad Hominem-ing’; You’re Not Winning” – Steven O’Reilly at Roma Locuta Est

Here is the Real Reason Young People are Leaving the Faith; Video – New Advent

CDC Leaders Continue to Mislead About Monkeypox – Anne B. Hendershott, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Another Red Hat for a McCarrick Ally – Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture

August Colors to Transition to: Gold, Ochre, and Rust – Meghan Ashley Styling . . . Catholic Mōdê Blog

Does the Pontiff have a Communication Strategy? – Andrea Gagliarducci at Monday Vatican

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