Marian Sisters help residents at the Agape Food program.


In the National Catholic Register's Features section find stories of the lives of the saints, Catholic Culture, liturgical seasons, profiles of Catholic organizations and people living out their Catholic faith in compelling ways, like the Agape program at Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep in Napa, California that helps families who are struggling to survive the economic downturn and the wild fires. (photo left courtesy of Anna Hickey)

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‘The Life of St. Joseph as Seen by the Mystics’

A Mystic’s Guide to the Life of St. Joseph

BOOK PICK: In Paul Thigpen’s latest, ‘we see not only Joseph, Jesus, Mary, and their contemporaries but in a certain sense ourselves as well. Held up as a mirror, this story invites us all to view ourselves more clearly and to imitate their holy example as we seek to navigate the course of our lives.’