Alyssa Murphy

Alyssa Murphy

Alyssa Murphy is the Register's Managing Editor of Digital Assets. Starting her career on the airwaves in San Francisco, she has worked in all facets of media. Alyssa enjoys writing and covering stories that inspire and uplift. Register readers may be familiar with her voice from EWTN radio's Morning Glory. Alyssa currently lives in New Jersey just outside Manhattan with her husband Andrew and young daughter, Annabelle.

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Ultrasound imaging showing unborn babies tasting food went viral this year. Lila Rose of Live Action defends life on the national stage during primetime. Federal agents knock on the door of the Houck family.

2022’s Top Pro-Life Moments

YEAR IN REVIEW: Stories that touched on the truth of life in the womb including ultrasound imaging that shows a child’s aversion to vegetables starts even sooner than toddlerhood.