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What does a Biden administration portend?

Biden’s Pro-Abortion ‘Mafia’

EDITORIAL: President-elect Joe Biden is in the process of assembling a collective of pro-abortion political extremists to fill many of the most important posts of an incoming Biden administration.

Voters hold signs during a rally outside of an aluminum foundry in Manitowoc, Wisconsin on September 21th, 2020.

Biden and Unity

EDITORIAL: Healing our country begins with recognizing her deepest wound, abortion.

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Republicans’ History on Abortion

EDITORIAL: For the past 40 years, it’s the Republican Party that has made the right to life of the unborn child a vital part of its vision and policy for the United States.

Democrats’ History on Abortion

EDITORIAL: Pro-life Democrats were abundant in the ranks of their party’s leaders not so very long ago, so it’s proper for Catholics of every political stripe to pray that this might be the case again.