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According to the Barts Health NHS Trust, which administers the Royal London Hospital, doctors have determined that “further invasive medical treatment is futile.”
Catholic News Agency
A recent New York Times analysis has suggested that the cathedral came very close to completely collapsing, and that the brave actions of Paris’ fire department likely saved the building from further damage.
Steven D. Greydanus
Resting lion face: Disney’s latest photo replica of a 1990s Renaissance classic is the most slavish — and pointless — to date.
Carl E. Olson
BOOK PICK: Into the Deep: An Unlikely Catholic Conversion by Abigail Rine Favale
Catholic News Agency
To view online pornography, internet users would need to confirm their age by entering information from a driver’s license, credit card, or passport.
Bea Cuasay/CNA
The ballot initiative filing cites “substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain by 22 weeks gestation,” noting that a child of this age will react to painful stimuli by recoiling or swimming away.
Catholic News Agency
The move comes more than two years after the release of the show’s first season, which concludes with a controversial explicit scene showing the suicide of the main character.
Culture of Life
Judy Roberts
Family members affected by the decision to end a life in the womb are finding ways to redress their feelings of loss, guilt, grief and anger.
Catholic News Agency
In April 2018, Ealing council passed a public space protection order that effectively bans public prayer and counselors who assist women within 330 feet of the Marie Stopes UK West London Centre, a leading abortion provider in London which performs around 7,000 abortions annually.
Matt Hadro/CNA
The Ministerial, held in Washington, D.C. from July 15-19 features over 1,000 religious and civil society leaders from around the world, along with over 100 foreign delegations and leaders of non-governmental organizations.
Joan Frawley Desmond
Lesther Alemán said he plans to attend the U.S. State Department’s Ministerial July 16-17 to bring awareness to the struggle for human rights in his country.
Amy Smith
The space race received worldwide attention — including in Rome.
Peter Jesserer Smith
A recent salvo by The Guardian indicates that fertility-awareness-based methods are leaving their niche in Catholic circles and entering the mainstream.
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