A Service of EWTN
Joseph Pronechen
Outdoor sacred space is uniquely dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch.
Sunday Guide
Dominican Father Jordan Schmidt
User’s Guide to Sunday, July 15
Steven D. Greydanus
The popular monster-mash series finally has its Van Helsing, but he’s fighting a lost cause.
The Editors
EDITORIAL: This nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court comes at a time when immense issues are confronting and dividing the country.
Stephen Beale
Pro-life analysts are optimistic about legal gains at the state level if Kavanaugh is confirmed, but caution that it’s unlikely the 1973 Supreme Court decision would be reversed by a single action.
In Person
Trent Beattie
George Rose brings in top players from Asia, outstanding men for Catholic radio show.
Ed Condon/Catholic News Agency
Two women are attempting to overturn a ban on prayer and public discussion of abortion near a British abortion business.
Brian Fraga
Assessing the background of President Trump’s new pick.
Three bishops were surrounded July 9 when they tried to enter San Sebastian Basilica in Diriamba.
Peter Jesserer Smith
Political science professor John McAdams is to be reinstated immediately after a drawn-out three-year suspension.
Patti Armstrong
A Look Back at a Family’s Special Year
Father Roger Landry
COMMENTARY: Rather than being an insurmountable handicap, my priesthood is actually an asset.
Kathy Schiffer
“I intend to stand firm and let the peacocks multiply, for I am sure that, in the end, the last word will be theirs.” — Flannery O’Connor
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E. Christian Brugger
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