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CNA/Grey World via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Christianity by the Numbers: What Do New Projections Say About the Future of Religion?

The failure of Christian evangelization could prove to be an interesting development for Christianity over the next 35 years, said George Weigel.

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God and Angels for the Born and Unborn

COMMENTARY: Remembering Dr. Jack Willke, a pro-life pioneer.

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Pope: Care for and Respect the Elderly, Storehouses of Wisdom

‘A society where the elderly are discarded carries within it the virus of death,’ the Holy Father said at March 4 general audience.

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Matthew Rarey/ CNA

Vatican Repudiates Anonymous Smear Campaign Against Cardinal Pell

The Secretariat for the Economy called charges of extravagant spending lodged by critics ‘completely false.’

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Shutterstock/Oleg Zabieli

99% Nonsense: ‘Muslim’ Does Not Equal ‘Islam’

COMMENTARY: In the name of religious tolerance, Western leaders ignore the example of Muhammad and his clear teaching on the duty of Muslims to engage in jihad.

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2013 CNA/Elise Harris/CNA

Pope Francis on the Grace of Examination of Conscience

The Holy Father said Tuesday that the capacity and willingness for us to judge ourselves is ‘a Christian virtue.’

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CNA/Archdiocese of San Francisco

San Francisco Auxiliary Named Bishop of San Diego

The sixth shepherd of the Diocese of San Diego is a native of San Francisco and was previously an auxiliary under Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.

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Abortion Bill in Chile Sparks War on Credibility, Moral Authority

Opposing sides in the bid to legalize abortion in the South-American country are using current scandals to drive home their point.

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