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The new ‘Fatima’ gets a thumbs-up.

Above, the child seers are portrayed by (l to r): Jorge Lamelas (Francisco), Stephanie Gil (Lucia) and Alejandra Howard (Jacinta) in the new film ‘Fatima.’
Above, the child seers are portrayed by (l to r): Jorge Lamelas (Francisco), Stephanie Gil (Lucia) and Alejandra Howard (Jacinta) in the new film ‘Fatima.’ (photo: Courtesy Picturehouse; Claudio Iannone/Picturehouse)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) — PICK
(2020) — PICK
Silverado (1985) — PICK

New on DVD, the story of the 20th century’s most celebrated Marian apparitions comes to life in Fatima, a fine retelling from co-writer and director Marco Pontecorvo and Catholic screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi.

Filming entirely in Portugal, the filmmakers create rich, atmospheric images with a vivid sense of place. When the Lady appears to the children, the transcendent experience is suggested with subjective, impressionistic camerawork and editing — eyes gazing at the children; hands extended to them, holding a rosary; a trickle of blood on her breast — interspersed with the empty space that others see.

It’s easily the most compelling dramatization of the Fátima story to date. The DVD comes with a number of making-of featurettes that are sometimes interesting; conspicuously lacking, alas, is any bonus material on the story of Fátima itself.

Among new arrivals on Amazon Prime are a couple of mature action films that are personal favorites of mine: Ang Lee’s art-house martial-arts epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Lawrence Kasdan’s star-studded neo-Western Silverado. Both great fun.

CAVEAT SPECTATOR: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Stylized martial-arts violence; a brief but steamy love sequence (no nudity). Adults. Fatima: Disturbing visionary images of battlefield violence and a brief visualization of hell. Older kids and up. Silverado: Action violence; fleeting sensuality. Teens and up.

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