Argentine Bishops Will Start Annual ‘Sharing Sunday’ to Sustain Church’s Mission

This effort 'is not just about money, but also time and talent.'

Blessed Sacrament Basilica in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Blessed Sacrament Basilica in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (photo: Courtesy photo / Flickr/Luis Alveart (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

The bishops of Argentina have announced that the first day of reflection on the importance of sustaining the mission of the Church will be held May 1.

From now on, each year every Third Sunday of Easter will also be called “Sharing Sunday” and will be held in all the parishes and communities of the country to remember, in the light of Easter, the importance of sustaining the mission of the local Church.

The initiative was developed by the Ecclesial Financing Program, the mission of which is to make known the work of the Church in Argentina and thus secure ongoing support over time. However, this effort “is not just about money, but also time and talent.”

The FE Program was also developed under the guidance of the Commission for the Support of the Evangelizing Action of the Church, which was created because of the Church’s decision in 2018 gradually to relinquish state support.

Three fundamental aspects will be highlighted during Sunday Sharing day.

The first is to catechize on supporting the mission together with the people of God, “who have to know and always remember that the Church needs to be sustained by the faithful’s contribution,” says the invitation explaining the FE Program. “The need for commitment and support is paramount as part of the expression of a community bond that faith gives us.” 

Secondly, the Church in Argentina is holding this day to raise awareness “about the need during the Easter season to sustain its mission” just as did the first communities, which “shared what was theirs and put it in common.”

“All the times when the risen Jesus appears are part of a meal that is shared,” the progam said. "Sharing Sunday" is being held during the Easter season “because the experience of sharing begins around the resurrection of Jesus.”

Thirdly, the program seeks to enlist “the financial support of the faithful to carry out the mission," and thus provide for an experience of transparency, participation, and commitment.

“We make use of this day to share a reflection that helps us accompany those who commit themselves. Because also with the financial commitment, people once again express that they are part of the Church through baptism,” explained the FE Program.