We Asked; You Answered: Memories of Mother Angelica and EWTN

‘Your plans, your projects, your dreams have to always be bigger than you, so God has room to operate ...’

Mother Angelica is shown as a novice and years later, launching EWTN.
Mother Angelica is shown as a novice and years later, launching EWTN. (photo: Courtesy photos / Mother Angelica Museum/EWTN)

Marking the centenary of Mother Angelica’s life, the wit and wisdom of the EWTN foundress still continues to captivate hearts and minds across the world, including with Register readers. 

Thank you, readers and EWTN staff, for the treasure trove of memories and insights about this fiery Italian woman from Canton, Ohio, who took a gargantuan leap of faith, with only $200 in savings. 

Mary Mother Angelica of the Annunciation is the first woman in the history of broadcasting to create and lead her own television network, carrying the message of Christ to the far-reaching ends of the earth. 

As we read heartfelt and personal messages from those who have been inspired by EWTN and Mother Angelica, here is a piece of advice from her about building something beautiful for God: 

“Your plans, your projects, your dreams have to always be bigger than you, so God has room to operate. I want you to get good ideas, crazy ideas, extravagant ideas. Nothing is too much for the Lord to do.”

A sampling of remembrances follows:

Dear EWTN, 
I love the idea of gathering a tribute to Mother Angelica! Although I posted this in the comments section on the website, here it is again here. It is difficult to be precise about Mother’s impact on my life because its primary effect was so long ago. Today, I simply know that if the real story is desired, EWTN can be counted on to deliver it. 
However, Mother’s wit and engaging personality came at a crucial moment in my life. Pope St. John Paul II was engaging the “spirit of Vatican II,” with the Catechism, Veritatis Splendor, Fides et Ratio and our beloved Cardinal Ratzinger. Resistance was strong, as groups advocated for women priests, married priests and, so it seemed, anything but Our Lord. Into the fray stepped Mother. Deftly, she parried the sword of our enemy in ways that complimented the Church. It was beautiful to behold and a great relief to me, knowing that somebody else believed the truth enough to speak it! 
In Jesus and Mary, 
Hal Fletcher


I saw this article and had to write. I grew up Catholic and unfortunately left the Church when I became a rebellious teenager. Then I clinched it by marrying a non-Catholic. It was a difficult journey, full of hard lessons. 
I remember channel-surfing sometime in my 30s and came upon Mother Angelica. It was the first and only time I’ve used the word “delight” in my life. I couldn’t look away. Just watching and listening lightened my world. There were a lot of aha moments during that time and into my 50s where I finally got it. She had a silent influence on me that only my heart could hear. I know it was meant to be, and I am forever grateful for her work and influence.
With Kindest Regards, 
 Kristina Thompson


When I was 6 months old, my parents brought me here to Mother, for her to pray over me. She took me out of my infant seat, carried me into the chapel, laid me on the altar, and prayed over me; 18 years later, I came back. And have been here since. Miss her so much! Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mother Angelica!
Jennifer Tortorigi 


Mother Angelica has been a constant inspiration to me in my work for the Register and life generally as a Catholic. Her courageous example of not only communicating but fearlessly and resolutely standing up for the Truth of Christ and His Church in the face of opposition from within, also from bishops, is one I have always kept in the forefront of my mind when reporting on the Church. May she be interceding for us from heaven as we celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of her earthly life, one that bore so much good fruit thanks to her faithfulness and great love for Christ.
Edward Pentin


I met Mother in 2004 in Hanceville. I was told that Mother listens to my announcing each morning on EWTN Radio, and when she shook my hand, there was a twinkle in her eye. I shall never forget that day. I was blessed to receive a t-shirt not too long after that stated on it, “Tom Graye, God’s D.J.” I have the greatest job in the world! 
 Mother Angelica, pray for us!
Tom Graye



This year I was received into the Catholic Church in Britain, as an adult convert with no previous experience of the faith. As with all conversions, there is a chain of people (known and unknown) who play their part. One of these people, an American nun, I never met, but her impact not only on me but my previously lukewarm Catholic husband is an ongoing gift.
I decided to convert just as COVID hit in 2020, and being involuntarily “cloistered” by lockdown gave me the opportunity to study, learn and reflect on the faith I now wanted to embrace. When the transmitter from which my TV got its signal was damaged in a mysterious fire, and we had to get streaming software, we found EWTN and were now enrolled in a catechesis bootcamp with a crack team to guide us. We could not have asked for more.
I was excellently prepared by the legacy of a nun who wanted the faith to be taught and communicated with clarity and charity. I thank Mother Angelica, but for more than just EWTN, though. Because of her I realize that every day is an opportunity to grow in holiness, to trust in divine Providence and to try and do His will — truly life-changing!


Mother Angelica in her earthly life was a force of nature. To where you are now, Angelica, where therefore no tears and no sorrow, we send you a “Happy Birthday,” which you will celebrate in the presence of Our Lord.
Hanna Lore 

EWTN has inspired me to be a better person, better Christian, better Catholic. The daily Mass, my favorite, was my consolation, after my brother’s death and during the COVID era. Love Mother A, Father Spitzer, Father Pacwa, Divine Mercy, movies. My thirst for God is now unquenchable.

EWTN has been a great source of inspiration during COVID and still is for a global union in Jesus Christ: the daily Mass, special prayers for those unable to receive the Blessed Sacrament and for peace in the world. I learned about the network through my spiritual mother

In these times, listening to Mother Angelica Live shows is comforting. She comforted my late mother with the actual live shows. You also have the faith-based, intelligent Father Mitch [Pacwa].
Wayne Corbeil

Learning about Mother Angelica’s story and how much she went through, along with her faith, helped me to get through some of my own physical challenges as well. Many years ago I came across EWTN; so many wonderful shows and movies. At Home With Jim and Joy is a wonderful show! To be able to watch the Mass is a gift! Thank you, EWTN and Mother Angelica! God bless. 
Mary Lou

Discovered Mother Angelica 23 years ago: a true leader and remarkable all she accomplished. Nuns should run MBA programs. Love Raymond Arroyo’s Thursday night show. 
Jennifer Flynn 

I love the daily Chaplet of Divine Mercy. My parents recited it along with your broadcast every day at 3:00, and now that they have returned to the Lord, I’m trying to keep it up. Also appreciate your news from a Catholic perspective.  
Marcarba on Instagram

I cannot recall when I first discovered EWTN, but I enjoy all the programs. The Mass is my favourite. I love Mother Angelica Classics; she had a great sense of humor. 
Mary Ada Nwaeze

A visit to the Shrine in 2007 is where it all began for me! 
“Awaken Your Faith” on Instagram

Mother Angelica all day long! And Raymond Arroyo does a great job!  
Rose Hendren

Thank you for bringing the faith to the broadcasting field. There has been so much of blessedness to the homes where we play your shows. The anointing in our lives is sweet; it is to bring the light of Jesus and the radiance in people’s hearts. Please be encouraged to work for the kingdom; God is glorified. Amen.
Abby Pacheco

I would say I’m heavily influenced by the teachings I learned from EWTN’s audio library. I’ve been regularly listening to recordings of old programs (especially Mother Angelica Live), I think, for almost 10 years now. 
McJeff Frondozo

As far as female influences in my faith life, she is in the top 5, who all helped me in a different way. I think without her it would have taken me longer to be where I am now, but she left something that is helping others embrace the cross and follow Jesus. 
Mauricio Garcia

I’ve watched EWTN from the beginning. The image of the Church is often that of the Good Shepherd and the sheep. This image never mentions the sheepdog, whose mission is to warn when wolves are approaching the flock. I see Mother Angelica as fulfilling that mission from the beginning. 
Lois Shovlain

I saw her TV show many years ago. And I started to find out more about the Catholic faith. I converted in 2000 at Easter. And in October of 2000, I was able to visit with a group from here in Florida. I was so happy to see her in person when she was taping her show. I love to pray the Rosary along with her video, and I also like to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with the video on your station. I have learned so much from watching EWTN programs. I’m the only Catholic in the family, and I was 44 years old when I converted. I’m so grateful to EWTN and especially Mother Angelica.
Brenda Shephard

My mother always watched it. I didn’t bother. She passed in 2001. Then I was channel-surfing during Lent many years ago, and I was hooked. I don’t know what I would have done during the pandemic without it: watched Mass everyday; even caught the Pope’s daily Mass after midnight here; Holy Week was so meaningful. Love. Love. Love it! 
Kathy Fakane