Mother Angelica is the founder of EWTN.
Mother Angelica is the founder of EWTN. (photo: EWTN)

Celebrating Mother Angelica’s 100th Birthday (April 22 Episode)

Happy Birthday to Mother Angelica! On April 20, Mother Mary Angelica, the nun who created the world’s largest Catholic media network, would have turned 100 years old. EWTN Global Catholic Television Network’s founder, who died in 2016, has had a profound impact on Catholics in the United States and around the world. Today on Register Radio, Father Joseph Mary shares stories of Mother Angelica’s great trust and how that continues to impact EWTN’s work. Then the Register’s Digital Managing Editor, Alyssa Murphy, brings us stories from listeners and readers who have been touched by Mother.

‘A soul that trusts God is invincible,’ said the EWTN foundress.

Mother Angelica, Apostle of Radical Trust

EDITORIAL: The more time passes, the more clearly Mother’s legacy as an apostle of radical trust in God’s goodness comes into focus. It’s the thread that traces the twists and turns of her incredible life story.