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‘The Unbroken Thread’ book cover

Sohrab Ahmari on the Unbroken Thread of Tradition (May 29)

Convert to Catholicism and best-selling author Sohrab Ahmari has made a significant contribution to the important question of where we are as a culture and how we have lost our sense of tradition. This week on Register Radio we talk to the author about his new book The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos. And then, we catch up with the news from the Editor’s Corner on the division among bishops on the drafting of a teaching document on Eucharistic coherence.

The March for the Martyrs in Washington, D.C., Sept. 25, 2021.

March for the Martyrs Highlights ‘Global Crisis of Christian Persecution’

“I’ve heard it myself from the people of Iraq and Syria: when the Islamists come to cut your head off, they don’t ask if you’re a Catholic or a Protestant or Orthodox. They ask you if you believe in Jesus,” said Father Kiely. “That’s that point. That unites us. That’s what Pope Francis called ‘the ecumenism of blood.’”