Register Favorites 2023

Register writers reflect on their best work of 2023.
Register writers reflect on their best work of 2023. (photo: Deflet / Shutterstock)

Throughout the year, Register writers cover an array of stories touching on  many topics, including all things Vatican and national and world events that affect us all in some way; themes included: diminishing and burgeoning hamlets of Catholic faith, family life, pro-life moments and even some personal stories that speak to the core of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and love.  

We asked our staff writers this year to reflect on their favorite and most impactful stories. 

Please enjoy these updates to various stories that marked this past year as we look ahead to all the stories to be covered over the course of 2024: 

Moms (and Babies) on Campus | The Heart of ‘Bishop Dave’ | Walking With My Father | Catholicism in France Is Shrinking and More Traditional | The Astonishing Power of One Hail Mary | Saint’s Feast or Lenten Fast? | A Catholic Revival Is Underway, in More Ways Than One | German Catholics’ Devotion

Pope Francis participates in Mass on the solemnity of Pentecost, May 19, 2024

Pope Francis on Pentecost: The Holy Spirit’s Work in Us Is Powerful

In his homily, Pope Francis explained how the Holy Spirit helps us to overcome sinful passions and then gently plants the seeds of virtue and helps them to grow. The Pope also recommended that people spend time praying in silence in Eucharistic adoration to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.