Watch Mother Angelica Reflect on the Holy Spirit

TV Picks 09.25.22

‘From the Heart With Mother Angelica’ airs on EWTN.
‘From the Heart With Mother Angelica’ airs on EWTN. (photo: EWTN)

SUNDAY, Sept. 25, 1:30pm

In Concert: Europa Konzert 2013 from Prague

EWTN In Prague Castle’s Spanish Hall on May 1, 2013, the Berliner Philharmoniker under Sir Simon Rattle and with Czech mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená performed works by Vaughan Williams, Dvorák and Beethoven.

SUNDAY, Sept. 25, 3pm

The Food That Built America

HISTORY This episode, “Pop Stars,” chronicles Indiana agricultural scientist Orville Redenbacher’s development of a hybrid strain of popcorn. TV-PG.

SUNDAYS, Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 5pm

Stones and Pearls: The Rosary in the Holy Land

EWTN In this series, the Mysteries of the Rosary come alive at the historic sites associated with them. On Sept. 25 is “The Fourth Joyful Mystery.” On Oct. 2 is “The Fifth Joyful Mystery.” Episodes re-air 4:30am Thursdays.

MONDAYS-FRIDAYS, Sept. 26-30, Oct. 3-7, 11:30am

Shows About Scripture

EWTN In both of these weeks the programs are, successively, The Gospel of Mark; Knowing Mary Through the Bible; The Gospel of John; Matthew’s Testimony to Jesus; and Luke: Meek Scribe of Christ.

WEDNESDAYS, Sept. 28, October 5, 9pm


PBS Sept. 28’s premiere, “Saving Venice,” documents the city’s fight against the sea. Oct. 5’s premiere, “Rebuilding Notre Dame,” accompanies Parisian engineers, stonemasons and timber workers as they restore the fire-devastated cathedral.

THURSDAYS, Sept. 29, Oct. 6, 10:30 am

From the Heart With Mother Angelica

EWTN Not seen for 25 years, these half-hour reflections by Mother Angelica are from the 1980s and have new intros by Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa. On Sept. 29 is “The Ascension of Jesus and the Coming of the Holy Spirit.” On Oct. 6 is “The Holy Spirit, Unity and Brotherly Correction.” Episodes re-air 5am Saturdays.

SATURDAYS, Oct. 1, Oct. 8, 11pm

Defending Life

EWTN Priests for Life executive director Janet Morana, joined by Josephite Father David Begany, hosts these all-new episodes. The shows re-air 3:30am Mondays. TV-PG.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 5, 8pm

Rivers of Life: Danube

PBS This premiere follows the scenic river through its 10 countries and 1,771 miles.

FRIDAY, Oct. 7, 4:30pm

The Adventures of Robin Hood

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES Errol Flynn is Robin Hood, and Olivia de Havilland is Maid Marian in this Catholic-friendly 1938 Technicolor tale of love and chivalry.


SUNDAY, Oct. 9, 2:30pm

Faith Along the Road

EWTN The Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearances to Adele Brise in 1859 to ask her to teach children the faith led to the building of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help.