Pro-Lifers Need Not Apply


(photo: EWTN)

News item: Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez declared late last month that every party member and official should be “pro-choice,” which is the politically correct way to say “for abortion on demand.”

This is not only bad news for our country — with one of the major political parties taking away one of the last vestiges of conscience — but also bad for pro-life Democrats, reportedly 25% of the party, who have fought hard to maintain their identity against a tidal wave of moral relativism.

As the Register has reported, pro-life Catholic Heath Mello — a Democrat and candidate for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska — was the target of a social-media attack from NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Ilyse Hogue, who demanded that voters not support him because he is pro-life. Mello was defeated May 10 by incumbent Jean Stothert, a pro-life Republican.

Any political party can become infected by the same kind of groupthink. This should be a lesson for everyone in how not to behave politically.

Our path ahead must be to help our country set a proper course for its future. To do that, we must be properly formed in our faith, informed in our country’s history, and fearless in our resolve to stand up for what is right, no matter what society and those who help to govern it deem is politically expedient.

God bless you!