Letters 03.01.20

Readers respond to Register articles.

(photo: Register Files)

Trump at the March

Pertinent to “‘Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman’: March for Life Aims to Beat Abortion and Take Back Feminist History” (front page, Jan. 19 issue):

Much criticism of President Donald Trump’s appearance at the March for Life in Washington has been made, but I feel his critics miss one essential point: Jesus proclaims in St. John’s Gospel: “The man who comes to me, I will not turn away.”

His comforting words are also a warning: God rejects no one.

The president attended the march in good faith and in person; he didn’t send friendly letters and offer excuses.

He attended personally, and that speaks volumes about him, even if his detractors won’t admit it. 

Why do so many overlook the good things his presidency has brought?

I offer one compelling example. His executive order “Operation Lady Justice” is a pledge to stop the genocide of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and reconcile the nation with its indigenous citizens.

The plight of the girls and women has dire ramifications for both our countries.

This is a side of Trump his critics cannot see, and since each of us needs God’s mercy, can we please cut him some slack?

Truly, are any of us without sin?

Trump’s mentioning “the right to life” from the Constitution — it’s also found in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms — is interesting, as is his mention of the “unselfish love” of Catholic pro-life advocates: This is an acknowledgement of the supremacy of God’s command and a reverence for justice. This outshines impeachment and his critics.

Perhaps there are divine reasons why Trump chose to become the first president to stand shoulder to shoulder with the life movement and offer more than written platitudes.

This man chose to attend and praise the remarkable gifts that children — indeed, life itself — are. 

God bless America, indeed! 

            Christopher Mansour

            Ontario, Canada


Life Is in Our Hands

On Jan. 20, our country celebrated the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., father of the civil-rights movement, which brought blacks many basic rights.

Two days later, on Jan. 22, our country commemorated that infamous day, Jan. 22, 1973, when seven U.S. Supreme Court justices robbed unborn children, disproportionately black, of their most basic, Creator-endowed, “unalienable” right to life by legalizing abortion on demand, all of which has resulted in black genocide.

Coincidentally, on Jan. 22, 1951, Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, was born. Today, Alveda King, “director of civil rights of the unborn,” calls the abortion battle the civil-rights struggle of this century. We can help halt the holocaust of the most helpless members of our human family, innocent unborn babies, by urging our representatives and senators to vote against anti-life legislation and for pro-life bills.

Life is in our hands. If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

Richard Carey

Needham, Massachusetts