What Did The Pope Just Say? Zero Things To Know And Share

The internet is once again abuzz with the second-hand hearsay of an unrecorded Papal interview.

Pope Francis once again (the third time by my estimation) has given an unrecorded interview to known atheist Eugenio Scalfari in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. And once again we have "shocking" quotes from the Pope that are impossible to substantiate.

And once again we have Vatican Spokesman stating that the 'non-interview' interview authentically "captures the spirit of the conversation," but that the interviewer in the non-interview is a scheming to "manipulate some naïve readers" with inaccurate quotes in his accurate interview.

So let's bottom line this.  The interview is accurate, but don't you dare attribute any quotes in the accurate interview to the Pope, because...inaccurate or something.  Oh, and you can't trust that Scalfari guy because he manipulates readers for his own nefarious ends, that is why the Pope allowed himself to be interviewed by Scalfari for the third time with no recording.  And of course this statement has no actual quotes of the Pope denying or accepting any quotes.

Great statement.  It contains all the clarity and precision for which the Church is known for these days.

So here are the things to know and share.  Nothing. Nada, Zip. Thank you Fr. Lombardi.

So pay no attention to those crazy and outlandish anti-Catholic headlines tearing up your RSS feed.  Just ignore them and hope they will soon go away, just like unrecorded Papal interviews.