Pray Christ’s ‘Seven Last Words’ With Father Joseph Mary This Lent

Study ‘The Seven Last Words’ EWTN Online Learning Series

'The Seven Last Words'  learning series
'The Seven Last Words' learning series (photo: Amy Smith / EWTN)

Did you know the EWTN Online Learning Series has a free Lenten installment?

Father Joseph Mary Wolfe of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word offers participants a pilgrimage that is timely for this penitential season via video reflections.

The accompanying study guide gives much to prayerfully ponder too:

Father, Forgive Them — “We can choose the way of Jesus. We can choose to forgive. ... That's what Jesus did.”

With Me in Paradise — “We hope to one day hear Him say, ‘Today you will be with me in Paradise.’ ... Until that time, Jesus is with us every single day in the Eucharist.”

Behold, Your Mother — “Jesus asks us to look to Mary to learn from her. ... What sorrows can we say ‘fiat’ with Mary to God for today?”

Why Have You Forsaken Me? — Did you know Jesus recounts the opening of Psalm 22 while on the cross?

I Thirst — “Do you ever think about that? How much the Lord longs for you, waits for you, loves you?”

It Is Accomplished — “He did what the Father had given Him to do.”

I Commend My Spirit — Jesus, in commending his Spirit to the Father, shows us: “The way we live our lives here, especially during our struggles and sufferings, is how we can prove our love, and our trust, and our confidence in God.”

Lenten blessings!


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