Online Theology of the Body Event Opens Friday

Presenters include Christopher West, Dr. Edward Sri, Janet Smith, Father Donald Calloway and Katrina Zeno.


There’s something slightly ironic about the fact that attendees of the Theology of the Body Virtual Conference can’t be physically present together at this weekend’s event which considers the role of the human body in our faith.

Pope St. John Paul II, author of the popular, groundbreaking catechesis on life, marriage and sexuality, would understand our COVID-19 reality and the need for a virtual conference.

And he would likely appreciate the amazing fact that about 30,000 have signed up to participate in the free three-day online event to learn and be inspired by his teaching at a time when the world lacks a vision for who we are and why we’re here.

Theology of the Body is a series of 133 papal audiences on the human person understood within the mystery of Christ which St. John Paul II delivered from 1979-1984.

The conference will offer attendees the chance to view presentations recorded by more than 80 prominent evangelists, artists and musicians who will share practical applications of Theology of the Body, guidance for prayer, opportunities for healing and advice for how to bring the Catholic faith alive.

Presenters include Christopher West, Dr. Edward Sri, Janet Smith, Father Donald Calloway and Katrina Zeno.

The conference comes at a time when crises have hit the Church and the world doesn’t understand what it means to be male and female, according to conference organizers. Presciently, St. John Paul II anticipated our current problems as he wrote the Theology of the Body. Our bodies are theological and in understanding them we understand God, the organizers wrote.

This free conference, hosted by Theology of the Body Institute, will be available worldwide between Friday, May 8, and Sunday, May 10, 2020. Starting at noon EDT on Friday, attendees will have access to all the pre-recorded presentations and can decide which to watch and when. The conference will close at midnight EDT on Sunday.

Conference attendees can purchase a premium pass for ongoing access to the content after the conference ends, along with other bonus material, discounts and the chance to interact with speakers.

The conference is hosted by the Lima, Pennsylvania-based Theology of the Body Institute, which educates men and women in the Theology of the Body through graduate level courses, live events and clergy enrichment training.

To learn more about the conference, see a presenters’ list and register, visit