No Need To Imagine

The Real Presence Is Real!

I have always liked the inspirational song I Can Only Imagine, made popular by the contemporary Christian group MercyMe.

While some popular Christian songs have lyrics that are problematic for Catholics (Mary Did You Know, anyone?), I never really considered the lyrics to this particular song problematic in any way.

And there isn’t really a problem. But, as the video above makes clear, there does exist a more Catholic way of looking at the lyrics of I Can Only Imagine.

The good news is ... you don’t need to imagine! Jesus Christ is really present—truly present—in the Eucharist. You can visit Him—yes Jesus, the real Jesus! at a Catholic Church near you. Once there, just as the song suggests, you can “fall to your knees” and “in awe of Him be still.”

I think this video makes a great point, not just to our Protestant brothers and sisters, but also to Catholics who might have allowed themselves to become complacent about the great gift of the Eucharist.

Has your heart fallen asleep?

Let me remind you (and me) today: There is no need to wait for heaven. There is no need to imagine. Right here, right now, Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

Patiently, He waits for you.