"A Catholic Nun-Turned-Lesbian Mom Reflects on Seeing Pope Francis at the White House" -(HuffPo.) Good to see they're broadening their readership. I mean, who can't relate to being a Catholic nun turned lesbian Mom?

"Donald Trump: I'd talk to Pope Francis about religion." - (Washington Times.) This, from the guy who said in one campaign video "Forget Love."

"Pope Francis Is the Barack Obama of the Papacy" -(New York Magazine.) Yeah kinda' but completely different on those tiny little issues called life, family, and religious freedom among others. Oh, and Pope Francis doesn't think abortion is above his pay grade.

"Pope Francis is just another liberal political pundit" - (NY Post.) Yeah, a pro-life, pro-marriage advocate of religious freedom. Yeah, I hear a lot of liberal political pundits like that.

"Donald Trump’s model calls Pope Francis a ‘false prophet’. -( NY Post.) Wait, Trump has his own personal model?

Mark Wahlberg Asks Pope Francis to Forgive Him for ‘Ted’ -(MSN.) Maybe. But not Ted 2. And there can never be forgiveness for The Happening. Seriously.

30,000 Murdered in Argentina while Pope Francis Was Top Jesuit - Millions While Pius XII Was Pope - (OpEd News.) Wait, what?

"Congressman Bob Brady Steals Pope Francis’ Glass Of Water, Sips Remaining Liquid, Saves Double Backwash For Grandkids" - (The Inquisitr.) Uhm, no thanks grandpa. I've got a juice box.

"Bill Maher, Ann Coulter Lead Pack of Crazies Against the Pope" (Newsmax.) Sooooo...a random Tuesday.

"That pope craziness infects us all" (SF Gate.) Well, it makes some crazier than others but being a San Francisco paper, I'd imagine it's difficult to tell.

My favorite thing to peruse over the past few days has been the dueling headlines about the pope like these:

"Pope meets Fidel Castro after delivering jab against communist system" (LA Times) vs. "Is Francis too soft on communism?" (CNN)

Or on abortion:

"Planned Parenthood Slams Pope Francis Over Abortion Speech, Women's Rights" -(International Business Times) vs. "Pope Francis Slams Capitalism, Death Penalty, Immigration Law; No Real Mention of Abortion, Gay Marriage." (Breitbart)

So I guess it all depends on how you look at things. Good news though, the Catholic Nun turned lesbian Mom was thinking about going back to Church. Not sure about Donald Trump's model.