Jesuit University Advertises Intern Opportunity with Radical Pro-Abortion Pol

The University of San Francisco, a Jesuit University, is currently advertising on its website an internship for a politician so radical in his support of abortion that he is currently introducing a bill opposing sex-selective abortion bans this week.

That's right. City Supervisor David Chiu opposes any and all bans on sex selective abortions. Why? Because he says it's racist.

Clearly, so committed to abortion is Chiu that he's willing to legally protect killing children based on their gender and on top of that, smear anyone who thinks differently with an accusation of racism.

The legislation being introduced by city supervisor David Chiu reads "Lawmakers across the country have successfully advocated for sex-selective abortion bans by perpetuating false and harmful racial stereotypes that such laws are necessary to stop an influx of Asian immigrants from spreading this practice, and that Asian American communities do not value the lives of women."

And horrifyingly at the same time, the university is posting an opportunity for an internship with Chiu's campaign for California Assembly on its website. The listing even states that "school credit" could be given for the internship.

Objective: Assist in voter contact, grass roots mobilization, and office related tasks for David Chiu’s 2014 Assembly Campaign. This is an entry-level position with no previous work experience required. The office environment is fast past and work oriented. Interns are required to work a minimum of ten hours per week; interns will also be required to work flexible and longer hours closer to the election. Office hours will be Monday through Friday 10am-7pm. This is an unpaid position; school credit is offered.

That is not the only connection the university has with Chiu. Chiu's former campaign manager, Nicole Derse, is a lecturer at the university and, according to the university's website, teaches "Grassroots Advocacy and Mobilization." Derse also has extensive ties to the Obama campaign. The university touts Derse this way:

Derse joined the Obama for America campaign in March 2007 and worked as a Political Organizer in New Hampshire, where she developed statewide outreach programs for progressives, people of color, LGBT, and the faith community. She then worked in six different states during the primary, and spent the general election campaign as the Field Director in her home state of Wisconsin where she managed over 200 staff and nearly 70 offices. Nicole moved to Washington D.C. immediately after President Obama's inauguration and worked as the National Director of Training & Organizational Development for Organizing for America. There she developed and led training programs for hundreds of national staff and tens of thousands of volunteers, including programs around the critical fight for health insurance reform. Most recently, Nicole served as the Campaign Manager and General Consultant for the David Chiu for Mayor campaign in San Francisco. Nicole is a co-founder and Principal of 50+1 Strategies.

This situation in which a Catholic college seems to be aligning with the culture of death takes place even as other Catholic colleges in California are publicly fighting against the state mandating they provide for abortions in their university's insurance plan.  This kind of activity by USF will simply continue to confuse the faithful and embolden opponents of the Church.