Did Pope Francis Endorse Pro-Abortion Democrat?

It might have seemed that way to folks in Rhode Island. A pro-abortion rights Democrat ran a last minute ad prominently featuring Pope Francis. It read "Gina Raimondo. She is Church." I don't even know what that means but it seems to have been effective.

~~The pro-Raimondo flyer touts that she is a graduate of a Catholic school, she baptized her children, she's female and Catholic, and "believes in Catholic values."

But here's the thing. Raimondo isn't endorsed by the Church, of course, but she is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. On abortion she reportedly distanced herself from the Church by saying, "You know the Catholic Church has a clear position, and I have a clear position. And I am clearly pro–choice and as I've said, I as Governor, support the decision in Roe v. Wade." She has even come out against banning partial birth abortion.

Sadly, the ad seems to have been effective in that Raimondo won her race for Governor.

The ironic thing is that while she has come out against the Hobby Lobby decision and is clearly no friend of religious liberty she has no problem using the Church to advance her own political ambition.


HT Washington Examiner