New Catholics Find Faith in a Culture Where Belief Is Waning

As we celebrate our Risen Lord, we welcome new Catholics into the fold.

L to R: Anderson, Dan, Alex and Ally Vickers were baptized together at the Easter vigil 2024.
L to R: Anderson, Dan, Alex and Ally Vickers were baptized together at the Easter vigil 2024. (photo: Family photo)

As of last year, “one-quarter of Americans (26%) identify as religiously unaffiliated,” with “Catholics suffering the largest decline among major religious groups — a 10 percentage point loss overall,” according to a new survey

But that sad news is not the whole story, for we know the joy of faith.

“Joy, when it is shared, grows. Let us share the joy of the Risen One,” Pope Francis encourages us this Easter Octave.

And we have new Catholics among us.

As we celebrate our Risen Lord, we welcome all the new Catholics into the fold. Blessed to have you here!

Here are a few updates to inspiring stories of conversion we have covered as part of EWTN News:

Tammy Peterson, wife of Jordan Peterson, is now Catholic. Congratulations, and welcome, Tammy!

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See their faith-filled joy in the main photo above. Welcome, Vickers family!

Dr. Dan Vickers told the Register about the big day, summing up the family’s joy: “The Easter vigil was a moment we will always cherish and reminisce about. It’s our new birthday. Honestly, none of us have ever seen or been part of such a beautiful church service. The candlelight procession and church decorations were truly beautiful. Very special and emotional for our whole family to be baptized, receive the Holy Spirit and take first Communion together. Our extended families were there in support, which made the day that much more meaningful. We saved our baptism water. An amazing gift!”

Likewise, welcome to all of the new Catholics: Welcome, New Catholics!| National Catholic Register ( You are in our prayers!

Are you newly Catholic? Did you parish welcome a contingent of catechumens and candidates? We would love to hear from you.

Easter blessings!

This post was updated April 10, 2024.