Why Atheists Change Their Mind, Build Your Apostolate Online, Marriage Is Cross and Crown and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Why Atheists Change Their Mind: Eight Common Factors by Matt Nelson of Strange Notions - Big Pulpit

Refuting the Myth Theory: Why the Resurrection Accounts Are True – Peter Kreeft PhD, Strange Notions

Which Priestly Alcoholic Beverage Are You? - David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew

Build Your Apostolate Online - Anthony English, Restless Press

Young Pro-Life Leaders Gather at Camp Joshua, Nevada – H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand

Marriage: Cross and Crown – Peter Kwasniewski, PhD, One One Peter 5

Pruning: This Necessary Work of God – Monsignor Charles Pope

Liturgy as the Primary Embodiment of Tradition – Peter Kwasniewski PhD, New Liturgical Movement

Quæritur: Seminarians Required to Stand for Holy Communion, Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog

A New History of the Crusades President Obama Should Read – Stephanie Pacheco, Crisis Magazine

Music That Hurts – Aurelio Porfiri, Views from the Choir Loft

Liturgical Curiosities From Medieval Spain – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement

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