Low Fertility Is Just the Half of It, Confessions of a Catholic Celiac, Rocking Saints and More!

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Low Fertility Is Just the Half of It by Father Mike A. Pilon, STD of The Catholic Thing - Big Pulpit

Confessions of a Catholic Celiac – Valerie Giggie, The Michigan Catholic

Rocking Out With the Saints’ Playlists - Matt Vander Vennet, Epic Pew

What Ireland’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Vote Says About Us – Brian Williams, One Peter 5

The Blessings of New Beginnings – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand

The Two Prongs of the Burgeoning Persecution – Russell Shaw, The CWR Blog

The Faithful Island Has Become a Harlot – Boniface, Unam Sanctam Catholicam

A Wall Street Guy On Why The Dominican Nuns ‘Are My Heroines’ – Peter Kenny, Regina Magazine

Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

An Unlikely Catholic Outpost in Occupied Tibet – Sébastien Blanc

Bishop Dewane: Families Have Right to Know If Theology Professors Have Mandatum – Justin Petrisek, Catholic Education Daily

Ireland Goes Gay – John Burger, Aleteia∝

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