USCCB Launches New Marriage Radio and TV Ads

For Your Marriage Campaign highlights benefits of matrimony.

WASHINGTON (EWTN News)—A new series of radio and television public service announcements launched by the For Your Marriage campaign promotes the idea that “A good marriage goes a long way.”

“This campaign highlights how the benefits of marriage go beyond the husband and wife, and, in fact, strengthen all of society, a message often lost in our culture,” said Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Ind.

Bishop Rhoades serves as the chairman of the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

For Your Marriage is an initiative of the bishops’ conference. It aims to strengthen marriages and families within the U.S.

An Oct. 3 statement by the conference announced that the new public-service spots have been sent to approximately 1,600 television stations and 7,000 radio stations across the country.

To highlight the importance of teamwork and dedication in marriage, the new television and radio spots feature couples describing what sport they believe to be most comparable to their marriage.

“Surfing,” replies one couple in the announcement. “Because we’ve been riding a wave for so long.”

“It would have to be a team sport,” says another couple.

“Ping pong,” says another couple. “Always on our toes, but relaxed and fun.”

The couples are also asked how many people are influenced by their marriage. They talk about the “ripple effect” that their marriages have on those around them, and one married couple says that they have influenced “hundreds” of people.

“I think we could easily fill a football stadium with all the people that we’ve influenced,” says another couple.

The spot concludes by stating that “a good marriage goes a long way” and encourages its audience to visit the campaign’s website,

The website, along with a Facebook page and Twitter feed, feature articles, blogs and tips for creating and maintaining strong marriages.

The website has received more than 6 million page views since it was launched in June 2007.

Sheila Garcia, associate director of the Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth for the USCCB said that the website has been well received because of its useful tips on skills such as communication and conflict resolution.

“What people like about it is that it’s practical,” Garcia told EWTN News on Oct. 5. “It’s offering information that people can use.”

Garcia explained that dioceses across the country have used the website as a resource for marriage-preparation classes, and parishes have provided links to the website on their own webpages, as well as featuring its content in their bulletins.

“We encourage people to think of it not only as a USCCB website, but as their website.”