Couples Postponing Childbirth, Why Marriage Matters, March for Marriage and More!

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Couples Are Postponing Childbirth and Suffering the Consequences – John Stonestreet, Life News

Why Marriage Matters - Regis Martin STL, Crisis Magazine

“March for Marriage” Planned for Day Supremes Hear Prop 8 Case – Matthew Schmitz, First Things/First Thoughts

Scalia Beheaded For Wearing Thomas More Hat To Inauguration from the Eye of the Tiber blogBig Pulpit

March for Life and The Most Feared Woman In the World – Damian Goddard, Catholic Stand

Now Available for Your Edification: Catholic Stand – Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic

Homosexual Leader: Homosexual “Marriage” is Only the Beginning by Rod DreherBig Pulpit

What Alabama’s Politics Could Teach the Rest of the Country - Anabelle Hazard Esquire, Ignitum Today

A Disappointment for Bishop Baraga – Matthew Alderman, New Liturgical Movement

Eleven Great Quotes from Pope Benedict XVI on the Liturgy and the Holy Mass – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Bishop Olmsted Issues Pastoral Letter about Importance of Confession – Fr. Z’s Blog

Revisiting Humanae Vitae – Rob Agnelli, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Moral Conundrum Concerning File Sharing – Thomas L. McDonald, Patheos/God and the Machine

None Dare Call it Fascism – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic

Vatican II and the Code of Canon Law – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog

Why Discussing Conscience With Catholycs Rarely Goes Well – Acts Of The Apostasy

Freedom of Speech and L. G. B. T. Rights: Many Traditions Don't Agree With Homosexuality – Stefano Gennarini JD, Catholic Lane

Clement of Rome and the Didache, a Commentary By Dr. Kenneth J. Howell – Kevin Lowry, Integrated Catholic Life™

Franciscan University President to Step Down at End of Academic Year – Tim Drake, The Cardinal Newman Society Blog/Campus Notes

The Armenian Genocide: On Not Forgetting – Harry Hagopian, Ekklesia

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