In a World Darkened by Sin and Sickness, Lift Up the Lights


Resurrection image, Andrea Della Robbia
Resurrection image, Andrea Della Robbia (photo: 16th century, public domain)

In Pope Francis’ Easter message, viewed on EWTN by countless people throughout the world who attended Mass in their homes due to the coronavirus lockdown, he said the Resurrection inspires “a contagion of hope … one that is transmitted from heart to heart.”

The Easter season heralds humanity’s spiritual renewal because of Christ’s resurrection. And this renewal cannot be dampened by the pandemic. There is before us the opportunity for a revitalized creativity and resolve from the faithful.

We have seen images of priests hearing confessions via temporary confessionals set up in church parking lots. Perhaps inspired by EWTN’s livestreaming of Eucharistic adoration from our chapel, some pastors have set up adoration chapels that can be viewed either on livestream or from church grounds in person.

Catholic business leaders have fired up their own creative juices, as well, to bring Catholic social teaching to the fore. Brooklyn, New York, business owner and property owner Mario Salerno waived the April rent of his 200 tenants, many of whom have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. An Ohio wealth-management services company, headed by Cleves Delp, has set up programs to get money and supplies to health-care workers. And his company and clients are partly funding the efforts. Stories like these are only the ones we know about. There are many more people — teachers, medical researchers, restaurant owners, farmers, to name a few — toiling in obscurity to put Catholic social teaching in action. Their loving service will be rewarded by a God who sees all.

Let us continue to pray for those who shine the light of Christ in a world darkened by sin and sickness. And, as we are able, let us continue to do our part in this renewal, living our baptismal call to share the hope of the Risen Lord.

God bless you!

Joe Biden leaves after attending Mass at St. Ann Catholic Church on Nov. 21 in Wilmington, Delaware.

The U.S. Bishops’ Biden Problem

A NOTE FROM OUR PUBLISHER: The U.S. bishops have challenged some of Joe Biden’s public positions as problematic because they cause confusion about Church teaching. But for many Catholics, the bishops’ stance on whether politicians should be allowed to receive the Eucharist when their public positions are at odds with Church teaching is equally confusing.