Easter Invitation


(photo: EWTN)

The Easter season, which includes Divine Mercy Sunday, leading up to Pentecost, provides a tremendous opportunity for us to radiate the joy of the Resurrection to every corner of our lives — in public as well as private. One way is for us personally to invite someone we know — family or friend — to know Christ.

Many of us who attended the Easter vigil saw men, women and children welcomed into the Church, receiving the sacraments of baptism, first Eucharist and confirmation. Based on the numbers from approximately 85 of the almost 200 dioceses in the United States, more than 30,000 people were expected to enter the Catholic Church at Easter. And we know there are even more out there — some in our own families.

Our world today hungers for Christ. Unfortunately, it is fed the lie that each of us can find completeness in the excesses of materialism, egotism and hedonism. As followers of Christ, it is our duty to help those we meet to know the love and truth that only Christ and his Church offer.

This Easter season and onward, I encourage you to be conduits of the Holy Spirit by introducing someone to Christ or bringing them back to the faith of their baptism. Let us be true “Easter people,” as St. John Paul II lovingly called the Church, and be Christ to a world greatly in need of him and his love. Let us live Easter the way we believe it.

God bless you!