Added Blessing


(photo: EWTN)

God has blessed me many times in my life with new ways in which to serve him and his Church, whether through marriage and fatherhood or through my service to EWTN as chairman and CEO and to the Register as publisher.

Pope Francis has given me another opportunity by asking me to serve as one of the consulters to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication, which he established in 2015.

I am humbled by the Holy Father’s confidence. The Vatican has had a long history of standing at the forefront of using the latest technology to spread the Gospel — and I have learned much from Mother Angelica, a pioneer in her own right.

I look forward to continuing my role with EWTN while also sharing what I have learned and working together with an international body of communications experts, with the larger aim of aiding the Church in propagating the faith.

Please pray for me as I take on this added role.

God bless you!