Mount St. Mary's University

A nonprofit Catholic university committed to the service of truth since 1808.

(photo: Register Files)

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
(301) 447-6122

Enrollment: 2,209 total (1,796 undergraduates)

Mount St. Mary's University Website

The Institution:

  • President’s Oath
  • Catholic Board
  • Catholic Faculty
  • Mandatum Required
  • Theologians’ Oath

Campus Culture:

  • Mass and Confession
  • Speakers Vetted
  • Unobjectionable Clubs
  • No Coed Dorms *
  • Health Services Okay

School’s Comments:

Institution: Mount St. Mary’s University, a community of friendship in pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, is proudly and and joyfully Catholic. Our campus environment — with a beautiful, natural setting, historic architecture and comfortable size — lifts the spirit and cradles the heart. Our academic programs, our student life and our physical environment embody our Catholic identity, inspiring students to experience the wonder of learning, the joy of community and the nobility of duty to friends, to society and to God. 

President’s Oath: President Tim Trainor made the public “Profession of Faith” and took the “Oath of Fidelity” at his inauguration Oct. 23, 2017.

Coed Dorms: In reference to our residence halls, students are divided by secured floors, with women on one floor and men on another — or they are in separate, private apartments. Additionally, we enforce a strong visitation policy wherein students and guests are not allowed on opposite gender’s floors after midnight on weekdays and after 2am on weekends. This policy allows the Mount to successfully develop students capable of living in an adult community while practicing the highest moral standards.

The Collegium

The Collegium is an independent institution of higher learning that pledges full fidelity to the unchanging Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Faculty and staff are practicing Catholics who are fully supportive of the Collegium’s mission and have signed the Oath Against Modernism.

Holy Spirit College

Holy Spirit seeks to educate and to form students who, as leaders in professional and civic life, will live by the highest intellectual and ethical standards. In service of this goal, Holy Spirit endeavors to create an environment in which integrated learning is a shared responsibility. Shared responsibility for the life and governance of the College should lead all its members to make the best of their own talents, to work together, to be sensitive to one another, to serve others, and to seek justice within and beyond the Holy Spirit community.