Campion College Australia

Australia’s only liberal arts college, forming future leaders of the Church and society through a broad program of learning that integrates faith and reason.

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8-14 Austin Woodbury Place

Toongabbie NSW Australia 2146

+61 2 9896 9603

Enrollment: 90

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The Institution:

  • President’s Oath
  • Catholic Board
  • Catholic Faculty
  • Mandatum Required
  • Theologians’ Oath

Campus Culture:

  • Mass and Confession
  • Speakers Vetted
  • Unobjectionable Clubs
  • No Coed Dorms *
  • Health Services Okay

School’s Comments:

Institution: As the only Catholic liberal arts college in Australia, Campion goes to the core of education, faith and human flourishing. Located in western Sydney, Campion offers a uniquely integrated and fully accredited Bachelor of Arts in the liberal arts. 90% of our teaching staff have a Ph.D. in their field, and our small class sizes provide the ideal environment for students of all abilities to thrive. Through the study of history, literature, philosophy and theology, Campion students are taught to think critically, argue rationally and develop the creative, analytical and research skills that are important in any career. 

While many people view a university education as mere job training, Campion focuses on the formation of the entire person: spiritual, intellectual, social and vocational. 

We have a lively, close-knit and faith-filled college community, with numerous social, sporting and chaplaincy societies/activities to aid personal development and faith enrichment. 

Campion is grounded in the Catholic faith and exercises faithfulness to the teachings of the Church, helping students to live out their faith in all areas of life. 

On-campus accommodation is segregated, male and female, across all dorms and residences. Individuals are not permitted to enter rooms of the opposite sex, and access to living spaces is limited. Each residential area is assigned a residential tutor, a senior student of the college who plans social activities and assists students with settling into college life. 

All residential tutors are under the direct supervision of the senior residential tutor, who is a member of staff.

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