Former Gay Activist: ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ Hurts Those ‘Struggling for Chastity’

Di Tolve's life was changed thanks to the Virgin Mary and he now helps people who have same-sex attraction.

Luca Di Tolve.
Luca Di Tolve. (photo: @Lucaditolve / Twitter)

Luca Di Tolve, Mister Gay Italy 1990 and a former homosexual activist, posted a reflection on his website regarding the declaration Fiducia Supplicans from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), lamenting that the Vatican document has caused pain, confusion, and affliction in those who “are struggling for chastity.”

On Dec. 18, 2023, the DDF published Fiducia Supplicans, a declaration that allows the blessing of same-sex couples and couples in irregular situations.

Various bishops and entire bishops’ conferences have expressed their opposition to the declaration. The bishops of Africa as a whole even stated on Jan. 11 that they definitively rejected blessing homosexual couples in order to avoid scandal.

Di Tolve, who changed his life thanks to the Virgin Mary and who now helps people who have same-sex attraction, pointed out Jan. 11 that with the Vatican text, “we’re the truly marginalized who are struggling for chastity, for fidelity, to go against our impulses and against the temptation to give in to false freedoms that distract us from the sacrifice of a healthy life and distance us from God, from love, from salvation.”

“I suffer from the consequences of these seductive theories that surround the Church; I am saddened by the various false and destructive interpretations that seek to counteract the wealth generated over the centuries by the Fathers of the Church, in the catechism, and in the magisterium,” wrote Di Tove, who shared his testimony in the book I Was Gay Once.

The former homosexual activist said he was distressed “by the confusion that this document has generated, born in a social context in which certain worldly falsehoods without foundation try to ride the wave of such ‘pastoral proposals’ to affirm the naturalness of relationships that we know well are not born in the heart of God.”

Di Tolve said the declaration puts the Church in a vulnerable position and “lends itself to those who work in the field of communications and who try to fight our faith by destroying everything that is “scandalous” for the world: “chastity, purity, truth.”

“It’s not just about people with same-sex attraction,” he explained, “but the whole society risks being confirmed in the error it is already living in: Many young people, having conformed to this mentality of a fluid society, reject marriage, even civil marriage.” 

Di Tolve said he wanted “to send out a humble and sincere cry for help, asking Pope Francis on my knees and in the name of all these brothers of mine who suffer and offer their suffering every day for the good of the Church: Help us, Holy Father, we need fathers, we want to feel encouraged and blessed.”

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