A Sin That Cries Out to Heaven; If a Person Commits Suicide, Is He Automatically Lost and Much More!

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A Sin That Cries Out To Heaven: Sodomy, Homosexual Acts via Fr. Z’s Blog – BigPulpit.com

If a Person Commits Suicide, Is He Automatically Lost? - Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers

Parish Closures – J. C., Ignitum Today

Surprising Evidence of Souls Returning from Purgatory – Susan E. Wills, Aleteia∝

Time For Catholics to Leave the Democrats? – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand

Zoophilia? Zoophiliacs? Woofies? The Normalization of an Old Sexual Sin – William M. Briggs, Statistician to the Star

Special Delivery from Padre Pio in the Philippines – One Billion Stories

13 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in a Socially-Isolated and Technologically-Overloaded Culture - Colleen Duggan, Integrated Catholic Life™

Prince Charles Condemns Persecution of Christians – The Catholic Herald

Houston’s Sermon Subpoenas Represent Legal Opportunities – Leslie Loftis

The Concordant Analogy: Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and The Church – R. R. Reno, First Things

‘They Were Not Human Voices’ – Donna Sue Berry, Regina Magazine

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