Why We March

The sight we have before us is overwhelming proof that we are not alone.

All photos by Kathryn Mihaliak
All photos by Kathryn Mihaliak (photo: Register Files)

I admit it, I want to be on Facebook. I want to be tweeting, posting, snapping photos and hashtag-ing as fast as chilled fingers can go. The sight we have before us is incredible — it's therapy for the soul — it's overwhelming proof that we are not alone.

But no matter how fast I push the pound key, or “share” the photo, there is something I can't capture, and that I can't share. It's the feeling of presence — real, actual, physical presence —which brings this sense of comfort and peace to an environment which could so easily be otherwise. It's as if we were physical beings as well as emotional — here, our humanity as people is being recognized just as much as we are trying to have others recognize the humanity of our unborn brothers and sisters. We need to be here physically, because the body matters, biology matters, the soul and body both matter - whether they belong to a child just conceived, a teen in a jersey, or the dad in the old college sweatshirt.

We try to “share” presence — well, I do. And while the art of social media is important, and a wonderful tool, sometimes we need to be actually present — not just in a cultural way, but physically, or at least spiritually. Join us on the March — be here with us in spirit, not just in instagram. While we who are here on the Mall are recognizing the precious physical humanity of each child, we're counting on you to just as overwhelmingly recognize the souls of those standing here, and who we are standing for.