Want to Help Persecuted Christians, Do We Even Care about Persecuted Christians and More Links. . .

The Best in Catholic Blogging

Want to Help Persecuted Christians? A Few Easy Steps – Kevin J. Jones, Catholic News Agency

Do We Even Care about Christians Oppressed in Muslim Lands? – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts

Priests, Bishops: Stop What You are Doing and Read - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog

10 Helpful and Effective Ways You Can Support Your Friends Experiencing Grief – Shaun McAfee, epicPew

From Mystical Premonition to Contemplation – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

24 Thrilling Sci-Fi Masterpieces That Won’t Warp Your Soul – Stephen Mirarchi, epicPew

Evolution and Faith, Updated – Howard Kainz Ph.D., The Catholic Thing

In Defense of Protectionism – F.S. Lerner, Maccabee Society

At the Movies with Campaign 2016 – Richard Becker, Crisis Magazine

The Libertarian Problem: The “Black Hole” of Religious Freedom – David Mills, Aleteia

Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicos: The Modern Heresy – Joe Kral Ph.D., Truth & Charity Forum

Feminist Anti-Porn Logic: Rational Basis for Anti-Abortion Position – Guy McClung J.D. Ph.D., Catholic Stand

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