Twittering to God

The Pope leaves a prayer at Jerusalem's Western Wall.
The Pope leaves a prayer at Jerusalem's Western Wall. (photo: CNS/Reuters)

Reuters reports, “An Israeli university student has opened a Twitter site,, where prayers can be sent for placement in the crevices of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a Jewish holy site that faithful believe provides a direct line to the Almighty.”

Tel Aviv resident Alon Nir has been flooded with responses from people taking him up on his offer to relay their “tweets” to God. Reuters reported that he has placed 1,000 rolled-up pieces of paper, containing prayers sent to him via Twitter, at the Western Wall.

Nir may be the first to route prayers to the Western Wall via Twitter, but Reuters notes, “Several services deliver prayers sent by e-mail, text message or fax to the wall. Israeli postal authorities say prayers also arrive from overseas by regular mail, some in envelopes addressed ‘Dear God.’”

During his Holy Land visit this year,  Pope Benedict prayed May 12 at the Western Wall and left a prayer there.