Twitter Hates You

The communication giant seeks to silence “Unplanned” and we should get the message.

(photo: Pixabay/CC0)

I know you want Twitter to love you. You post all the time. You read it incessantly. You even got into a lengthy fake Twitter fight about whether Die Hard was a Christmas movie. They should love you. But here’s the thing. They want you. They need you. But there ain’t no way they're ever gonna’ love you. In fact, (spoiler alert) they hate you.

And here’s the most hurtful part, they don't really seem to care that you know it. On Saturday, the pro-life film “Unplanned” saw its Twitter account mysteriously frozen. Mysteriously. For hours. On opening weekend, folks. Yeah. sort of a big deal. That’s like falling asleep on your wedding night. No, it’s worse. It’s like inviting Kevin Spacey to your wedding night.

And then, as if shutting down the movie’s page weren’t enough, following voluminous complaints from pro-lifers, Twitter finally reactivated the page saying it was a “glitch” or something due to algorithms. How pathetic is that? That’s like a teacher who doesn’t know the answer to a question so they use big words to confuse and shame you into shutting up.

But guess what? According to reports, Twitter then removed tens of thousands of the pro-life film’s followers. Man, those algorithmic glitches sure were busy, huh? My brother Pat called me last night as he was trying to follow the page but it kept getting rejected. Over. And Over. Again. I don't remember this “glitch” occurring for Captain Marvel or for Star Wars, do you? Funny how left-leaning those glitches are.

The interesting thing is that the film’s twitter page has been up since August of 2018 and worked marvelously glitch free but mysteriously on opening weekend it goes down and 80,000 followers are mysteriously dropped? Hmmmmm. Don't worry, it was just those eeeeevil totally random algorithms at fault. This is like OJ saying he’s going to look for the real killer.

Let’s go over this history of how the movie “Unplanned” has been treated. The MPAA gave it an R rating because of some images of aborted humans. The ironic thing is that the left calls aborted children “products of conception” or better yet “blobs of tissue.” So if there’s nothing wrong with terminating a pregnancy, why is it “violent” to show it?

Advertising for “Unplanned” was rejected by many mainstream cable networks — because they’re all about dialogue and tolerance, you know. And Twitter is acting right in line with their leftist brethren. And we all keep going back to them. At some point, this is our problem, not theirs. I mean, what are we not understanding? This is like when your girlfriend sends all your calls to voicemail. Folks, get the message. They hate you.

The left is not about dialogue. They are about indoctrination. Wrongthought must be punished and silenced. This is not about one movie. This is about a communication behemoth seeking to silence you. And as we are no longer allowed to talk, we must walk. I know some Catholics will say we can’t walk away from Twitter because it’s up to us to engage the culture. But at some point, it’s like engaging with Kevin Spacey. It’s probably not going to end well.