Top 10 Proofs U.S. in a Handbasket to...You Know Where

10) After a series of videos showed Planned Parenthood attempting to sell baby body parts there have been no indictments of any Planned Parenthood employees but a grand jury indicted the two pro-lifers who ran the sting operation. One of the charges is for attempting to purchase human organs. No charges were filed against Planned Parenthood for attempting to sell said organs.

9) Last night, the show "Lucifer" premiered about Satan moving to Lose Angeles and solving crimes. Seriously. I know what you're thinking. Hey, at least it didn't get good ratings.

8) It got good ratings. No seriously, according to Variety this morning, "At 9 p.m., “Lucifer” opened with a hot 2.4/7 in 18-49 and 7.2 million viewers overall, placing first in its time period."

7) Actual British headline: "Drive-by yoghurt attack on crochet teacher's haberdashery leaves her shaken." Actual U.S. Headline: "Washington teen needs 48 stitches in head after attempting dangerous ‘duct tape challenge’ (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)." What more needs to be said. 

6) Donald Trump Declares He Could 'Shoot Somebody' and Not Lose 'Any Voters'

5) I believe him.

4) If Michael Bloomberg enters the presidential race as an independent, the three front runners for the presidency will be absurdly rich people from New York. What could go wrong?

3) According to, Networks Cover Panda Cub’s Debut 26x More than March for Life. I know the argument the media would use to defend it. They'll say but the panda cub is so cute. And what...babies aren't?

2) A teacher in a Los Angeles public school wrote a treatise in favor of population control. He wrote: "Indeed, any cure short of lessening population would be specious and an illusion. Hitler and the Nazis perverted the science of eugenics with notions of a “master race” whose existence should take precedence over all other human beings. But eugenics was once known as simply the science of improving all human life. Perhaps eugenics should be reinvigorated with two principles that could allow the human race to turn the corner on the global warming issue."

Y'know because when I'm thinking of Hitler's greatest crimes the first thing that pops in my head is that he totally ruined eugenics for the rest of us.

1) I'm not going to leave this on a depressing note. Because there's still hope because there's little toddlers out there praying in their cribs just like this one. I can't think of anything more likely to save us than this: