This Gigantic Demon Can Only Come Out Through Prayer And Fasting, Looking Death In The Eye And More!

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This Gigantic Demon Can Only Come Out Through Prayer & Fasting – Fr. Richard Heilman at Roman Catholic Man +1

Looking Death In The Eye – Melanie Jean Juneau at Catholic Stand +1

Pakistan’s Religious Leaders Condemn Brutal Murder of Young Christian – Vatican News

In Good Times & Bad – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today

Will the Church Put Islam on Life Support? – William Kilpatrick, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Kids Reflect Their Parents’ Attitudes – Gene Van Son at Catholic Stand

Coronavirus & the Spiritual Pandemic of Sin – Joe Heschmeyer, J.D., at Shameless Popery

The Vice Of Acedia & Our Use Of The Media, Part I & Part II – Jessica Fahy at Catholic Spiritual Direction

The Theology of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series – Scott Smith, J.D., at All Roads Lead To Rome

There is a Catholic Way to Parent – Gregory Popcak, Ph.D., at Catholic Exchange

Why St. Roch is a Powerful Patron Against Plagues – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Pascal on Christ’s Agony – Rick Yoder at The Amish Catholic

Ask Father: Must Holy Water Fonts be Flowing All the Time? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth, & the Life - Christopher Centrella at Clarifying Catholicism

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