The Threat of Radical Christianity

Here's two stories that I saw this morning and couldn't help but see a link. The Catholic News Agency reports:

The Spanish daily argued that the Moroccan government took advantage of the international chaos to deport the missionaries who worked with the poor because they “perturbed the mentality of the good Muslim.” In his interview with the Spanish daily, Fr. di Giacomo asserted that the expulsion was a consequence of the “fatwa promulgated by 7,300 Moroccan Muslim doctors who recently declared that Christian charity ought to be considered religious terrorism.”

So you see, Christian charity is terrorism and a threat. Hmmm...that reminds me of a story I saw at Jill Stanek's place about laws being considered in Maryland targeting crisis pregnancy centers.

The impetus for it was a series of reports by NARAL Pro-Choice America, including one on Maryland, alleging crisis pregnancy centers were a “growing threat to women’s health.” Their crime: providing free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, diapers and baby supplies…. The verdict from the reports is that not providing abortions, or counseling women against abortions, is dangerous. Thus entered the City Council to protect women from the purveyors of baby clothes and adoption advice.

So the charity performed by crisis pregnancy centers is a "threat" to NARAL?

Radical Islam and NARAL see acts of Christian charity as a threat. It seems to me that when you pick a side that sees love, charity, and recognizing the sacredness of life as a threat, you might be on the wrong side. Here's the thing though - they're right. Nothing so threatens the status quo of the world as a radical commitment to loving others. Nothing will so transform the world as kindness, charity, and love. Ideologies and organizations of darkness, hate, and greed which view people as objects are threatened by the light of Christian charity and love. Keep on shining.