The Most Beautiful Awe-Inspiring Cemeteries in the World, How Much is Too Much Internet, and More!

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Père Lachaise Necropolis Paris
Père Lachaise Necropolis Paris (photo: Aleteia/Public Domain)

5 of the Most Beautiful, Awe-Inspiring Cemeteries in the World - Vittoria Traverso, Aleteia+++

Government Hostility to Religious Foster Parents Deprives Children of Love – Kathryn J. Lopez

Chinese Priests “Disappeared” & State Indoctrination – Mark Lambert, De Omnibus Dubitandum Est.

The Father of the Big Bang Theory Given Credit With Official Name Change – Billy Ryan, uCatholic

The Elephant in the Room Threatens the Church – David Torkington, Catholic Stand

How Contrary Orientations Signify Contradictory Theologies – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Liturgical Movement

More New Reports on the Sex Abuse Scandals & Cover-ups - Big Pulpit

The Boston Globe Untethered In Its Latest Hit Piece Against the Bishops – David F. Pierre Jr.,

The Internet: How Much is Too Much? – Rachael Johnson, Ignitum Today

A Solid “State of the Question” Video about The Present Crisis – Fr. Z’s Blog

From Fear of Death to Abounding Hope in Christ – Allison Low, Catholic Stand

Thomas Pink on “Official Theology” (Updated) – Edward Feser Ph.D.

Clashing Victimocracies – Peter J. Leithart, First Things

Pope Francis Appoints a New Archbishop for Cotabato in the Philippines – Vatican News

Gender Ideologues Threaten Alberta’s Christian Schools – Joseph Woodward, Crisis Magazine

Communist China: The List of the Xie Jiao, the Main Tool of Religious Persecution – Massimo Introvigne, Bitter Winter

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