Share Your Pro-Life Stories of Hope

Today, The Gregorian Institute at Benedictine College launched its "Stories of Hope" project to collect and share moving stories of pro-life conversion.

Abortion, according to the Institute's press release on the project, is the "Achilles Heel of the powerful anti-family movement."

"Achilles was unstoppable, triumphing over everything in his path, until his one weak spot - his heel - brought him down," says the release. "So it is with the anti-family forces that won big in November. They seem unstoppable. But the abortion issue is essential to them - and it is extremely vulnerable."

Those who work for the pro-life cause know that the tide has turned in favor of life. One has only to look at the photos and video from the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. to witness the youthfulness of the pro-life cause. The pro-life position has steadily gained more and more converts as those who have been hurt by abortion have increasingly embraced life.

"Science is on our side," says the Gregorian. "The prevalence of ultrasounds make it impossible to live the lie that the unborn child is just a 'mass of cells.' Doctors now perform surgery on unborn children. Women are seeing more and more that abortion is disrespect for women, not respect - because it has created a situation where a pregnant woman is pressured to kill her baby and wound her soul in order to get ahead in life."

So, to encourage the cause of life, the Gregorian Institute is collecting Stories of Hope.

"Nothing is so compelling as the truth coming to life in another person," stated the Gregorian announcement. "Their stories are sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes uplifting, but always bear witness to the hope that says life is better than death, and love is greater than both."

To that end, those with pro-life conversion stories are encouraged to send them to The Gregorian Institute at [email protected], with the subject line: "Stories of Hope." They plan to share as many of them as possible.