Prayer Need. Pregnant Woman Could Be Removed from Life Support

A pregnant woman in Ireland could be removed from life support early next week if some in her family gets their way, according to the Daily Mail.

Health authorities in the predominantly Catholic country are seeking legal advice over whether the pregnant woman, who is reportedly in her late 20's and suffered some sort of brain trauma, should be removed from life support. She is still reportedly in the sixteenth week of her pregnancy.

According to news reports, some in the woman's family have sought legal representation and are seeking to have the woman removed from life support. In Ireland however, the laws protect the child in the womb, although last year there were some loosening of the laws protecting the unborn. There could be an issue here where the family hires a lawyer and argues for the woman's death and the government's lawyer defends the unborn child in the womb.

The heart breaks for this family. And my prayers go out to all of them, including the baby in the womb. I've read a number of websites on this which are outraged but I'm not going to link to them. But I don't really understand those who are outraged that the woman be kept alive until the baby can survive outside the womb. Those who insist that they're not actually pro-abortion but only pro-choice, seem awfully willing to countermand the woman's decision to give life to her child.

During the Christmas season we all think about the baby born into terrible circumstances to a Mother who said "yes" despite so many reasons not to. This woman on life support today said "yes" to having her child. So if you have an extra moment please say a prayer that this family, which is dealing with terrible loss, comes to understand the sacredness of all life.