Online Conference for Moms Offers Guidance in Passing On the Faith

“Our domestic churches can become a stable foundation on which our Holy Mother Church can rebuild.”

As someone who came of age in the 1970s, I found myself on the short end of the catechesis stick during my middle and high school years. So naturally, when I married and the time came for me to instruct my own children in the Faith, I floundered. How could I teach what I myself did not know?  In those days, I would have given anything for a resource like the Catholic Conference 4 Moms.

A veritable lifeline for Catholic mothers who are striving to pass on the Faith to their children, the Catholic Conference 4 Moms is a free online conference featuring presentations by popular speakers, authors, bloggers, and radio/TV hosts. Talks cover topics such as Marriage, Love of Learning, Suffering, Forgiveness, and Chastity.

The organizer of the Catholic Conference 4 Moms, or CC4Moms, is Smart Martha ministry founder Tami Kiser, a mother of 10 and the author of Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms.

“We are in our fourth year,” says Kiser of CC4Moms, which she describes as a conference for “all moms, but especially for this generation of moms on social media.”

“I believe everyone will find something here: the veteran mom with years of experience, the mom who is just starting out, the cradle Catholic, the Catholic convert, the lapsed Catholic. The conference has no agenda other than to encourage mothers to look at what they can do to help their own children stay on their path to God.”

The theme of this year’s CC4Moms is “Pass It On: Equipping Kids for the Journey of Faith.”  Kiser believes that both the theme and the timing of this year’s conference are providential.

“When this year's program was in its initial phases back in January, the Church was in a different place,” notes Kiser. “Now, with our current state and low morale, I think a moms’ conference is especially needed.

“We may feel so hopeless and helpless.  But in reality, we are neither.  As women and moms, we can continue doing what is one of the best things we can do for our Church, and that is to build her a strong future by raising good Catholic kids.  Our domestic churches can become a stable foundation on which our Holy Mother Church can rebuild.”

Free access to the 2018 Conference for Catholic Moms presentations will be available from Oct. 10 through Oct. 15.  A $29.99 “More for Mom” package containing over $150 worth of bonus products in addition to the CC4Moms presentations can be purchased through Nov. 30.  The package includes a downloadable discussion guide suitable for group study.

“Last year's conference went on to be used in over 200 parishes,” says Kiser, who plans to expand her ministry to parish-based women's groups.

“There are a lot of good quality, information-based presentations and study guides available for parishes, but very few are specifically designed to meet the needs of women.  Most importantly, we women need to support and help one another.  I'd like to keep producing materials that will help women do just that.” 

And what else does Kiser have in store for Catholic moms?

“Well,” says Kiser, “we'll have to see what the Spirit says!”

Readers can register for the conference at