News of This World and the Next

Big Sis Defends Marshalling the Forces of the Empire to Grope This Little Girl:

It was “professional”—and as anybody can see, she could well have been a terrorist.

The People’s National Security State: Keeping Us Safe from our Ourselves and Wrestling Us to the Ground and Cuffing Us if We Resist!

Meanwhile, wingnuts led by Donald Trump (whose significant poll numbers on the Right are a complete indictment of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism) are getting het up about Birtherism—again.

Ahem. Unless you believe in time-travel conspiracy theories to alter Hawaiian newspapers, the dude was born in Hawaii. Get over it. Oh, and the World Trade Center was destroyed by al Quaida, not by George W. Bush, Mossad, or the CIA. Also, Paul is not dead, JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, and there are no alien corpses in Area 51. Nor did Mary appear at Garabandal or Medjugorje.

Speaking of Obama, the MSM are touting his McRecovery in a naked act of Pravdafiying the news to make the regime look good (just put a Republican in the Presidency and imagine the MSM *bragging* that people were lining up for jobs at Mickey D’s as a sign of “recovery”).

Speaking of the Media Swiss Guard of the Holy President, CBS is protecting us from hearing anything untoward the Prez might say on their dime. He’s a great man and it’s their task to guard the legacy, not inform.

In other news, we are giving “non-lethal aid” to ... somebody or other, we’re not quite sure who (al-Quaida?) in Libya. I believe the Kennedy Administration called these people “advisors” in Vietnam. That’s in addition to the decidely lethal aid the bishop in Libya is begging us to stop raining down on civilians in our experimental bombing campaign. Clarity will come when we figure out what we are doing and how we are going to do it. Thanks for donating your sons and daughters to this exciting new experiment in Nobel Peace Prize Social Engineering, America!

Meanwhile, domestically, our Ruling Class exhibits that care for the Little Guy that so typifies the millionaires who constitute it. People are struggling to make ends meet because of a giant rise in fuel costs? Hey! Obama remembers what it was like to pump gas, so stop your whining and sacrifice for the regime.  A huge rash of tornadoes?  Who cares? Gimme money, a nap (for the Man with the High IQ), and a secret Chinese boondoggle. Understandable, since they must need rest after attempting to whitewash our S&P ratingIt’s better to look good than feel good, eh guys?

So much for the news of this world. In other news, Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd, not the ravening wolf, and has laid down his life for the sheep rather than allow the wolf to steal, kill, and destroy. He has likewise Risen in Glory over all the powers and principalities of this world and led them in chains behind his triumphal chariot. Now all the rulers of this world, no matter what their schemes, are destined to bend the knee to him in his glorious humility on That Day. Put your trust in him and not in the dodgy princes of this world with their plans to make somebody else suffer and die in order to dominate others and enrich themselves. Jesus is Risen! Alleluia!