New Polish Documentary Examines "Crisis" Ahead of Synod

Polonia Christiana, a bimonthly Catholic publication in Poland, has produced an incisive, informative, and timely documentary on the Synod on the Family.

Called “Crisis: Where Will the Synod Lead Us To?”, it focuses on the extent of the crisis in the Church uncovered during the synod, and includes interviews with Cardinal Raymond Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, and Polish analysts on the Church.  

Cardinal Burke warns that the Church is facing "a critical moment" in which "we may have to give our all to safeguard and promote the truth of the faith, not only for own salvation but for the salvation of our world and for the generations to come.”

Bishop Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, reminds viewers that the Church is “not the Church of the bishops, and of the Pope. The Church is of Christ. This is very important to stress. The Church is the Church of Christ, and Christ is the head of the Church. He is the boss and he remains the boss, even when there is so much confusion.”

Bishop Schneider adds that Christ taught, and St. Paul demonstrated, that “when the faithful notice something that is evidently not correct, like these manipulations [at the synod], we have to speak against this. It is not correct [to have this] in the Church.”  

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop emeritus of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, notes that in churches today “Christ is no longer proclaimed, they don’t speak anymore like Christ – yes, yes, no, no.” He adds that this causes “a silence to arise around sin, the tone is quietened down. Sin is what you want it to be.”

Many other insights and observations are contained in the documentary that runs for about 40 minutes and contains English subtitles.