Millennial Exodus To Convents, Cardinal Rahi Upset With Jared Kushner's Peace Plan, and More!

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The Millennial Exodus to Orthodoxy: Conservative Catholic Convents Overflowing – Steve Smith, J.D., All Roads Lead To Rome +1

Cardinal Rahi: Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan Is “The Slap Of The Century” – AsiaNews +1

10 Fun Things To Do During A Homiletic Rant – David L. Gray at

Good Video For People Who Aren’t Familiar With The Traditional Latin Mass Or With Our Traditions – Fr. Z’s Blog

Archbishop Fisher of Sydney’s Letter Weighs Into Izzy Folau Saga – Marilyn Rodrigues at The Catholic Weekly +1

The Holy Sponge: A Lesser Known Relic of Jesus Christ – Billy Ryan at uCatholic

The Church That “Initiated The Gothic Revolution” – R. Jared Staudt, Ph.D., at Building Catholic Culture

What Is Sacred Music? – Chilton Williamson, Jr., at Crisis Magazine

A Daily Journey with St. Faustina – Off the Shelf 133 with Susan Tassone – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand

Who Will Make Life Or Death Decisions For Increasing Number Elderly Without Family? – John Burger at Aleteia

Praise Amidst Serene Smiles or Stormy Seas – Sister Christina Neumann at Catholic Stand

How Seton Prepared Me to Succeed at Benedictine College – Michael Slaten at Seton Magazine

Corpus Christi – Noel Ethan Tan at Ignitum Today

Pro-Life Teacher? Here’s an Alternative to the Pro-Abortion NEA – Brad Mattes at Life News

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