CBS Should Have Had a Trigger Warning for NCAA Championships

With all this talk of trigger warnings and safe spaces, I worried a lot about my over-sensitive friends on the far left last night which presented a serious quandary for many. In the NCAA championship game you had Villanova University vs. North Carolina University.

Needless to say, there were no good guys for leftists. Villanova University is Catholic. Evil, right? That goes without saying. The Catholic Church and all of its institutions are barbaric institutions of yesteryear on Earth (Holy Gaia!) whose sole goal is to turn the clock back on women. So certainly no sensitive man or woman (or other) can root for a university founded by an organization which follows some fourth century bishop, right? Out of the question.

Now, on the other hand, North Carolina isn't Catholic so they've got that going for them but let's just say the state of North Carolina isn't a big favorite of the left right now.

Mind you, if you're sensitive to these kinds of things you may want to huddle up in the fetal position before reading this next part. North Carolina believes boys should use the boys bathroom. I know, right? House Bill 2 is a law passed in response to a local ordinance in Charlotte that said it was a-ok for people considering themselves "transgender" to use either the male or female restroom. The bill, HB2, which was signed by the governor, overrides Charlotte's ordinance and said no other municipality could issue a similar one.

Insert hair pulling, biased media attacks, and leftist lunacy. And, of course, an ACLU lawsuit (but is that redundant after saying "leftist lunacy"?)

To be clear, the purpose of HB2 is essentially to make sure that women and children can use public restrooms and locker rooms without people of the opposite sex coming in. I would say it also protects men but no women actually ever want to enter a man's bathroom. Ever.

Now, of course, the law is just common sense so that makes many very angry. All sorts of protests have occurred and businesses have threatened to pull out of the state (Pay Pal) and others, like the NFL and the NBA, are considering not holding major events there in the future. All this because boys can't use girls bathrooms.

So, if you're sitting around smoking your medical (wink) marijuana and watching the NCAA Championships, who are you rooting for? The Catholics or the Bathroom prudes? It's a tough call.

But then, in the end, as we all know, Villanova University won after a miracle shot (Catholics and their miracles!) and two of the students interviewed after the game even thanked God. ON NATIONAL TV!!!

This must have been a tough thing to endure. I wish CBS had issued a trigger warning before airing the game so that those in need could find a "safe space" like MSNBC. Or ABC. Or CNN...or pretty much any network.


Note: As a graduate of Saint Joseph's University it is perhaps the hardest thing in the world for me to watch Villanova do well in basketball. But even I tip my hat to the job done by that team and their coach Jay Wright. Now I really need a safe space (which I call the off-season).