Are we ready to embrace yet?

And is it too early to start talking about new year’s resolutions? After all, we are starting a new Church year this Sunday. So here’s a liturgical new year’s resolution: That we fully embrace it.

Embrace what? That’s a fair question I suppose, but you’re getting awfully pushy. Maybe this will help answer:

We met in a bar…okay it was an online dating site. And, true, there were a lot of rude jerks on there that put us off the whole thing for awhile. But we eventually found a good match. Now, we can’t imagine ourselves without each other. The world has forever been changed.

We even asked our parents’ permission. And while they may have their understandable and very wise reservations, overall, they’re very cool with it.

Now, it’s time to fully embrace each other (the Church and New Media, that is). Get married. And have lots of kids.

Here’s to a beautiful marriage - and lots of kids - in 2012.