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Cheer Along with Me: CNA Joins the EWTN Family

06/19/2014 Comments (12)

It’s an exciting news day for Catholic news hounds. EWTN has announced that Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa Group will be joining its family of services. 

CNA has long been a go-to site for me when it comes to Catholic news, and I’m a big EWTN fangirl.

With CNA, you have Catholic news that’s faithful and reliable and cutting edge. Light on spin, heavy on fact. And interesting news that you don’t find other places. It’s worldwide, but it’s honed in on topic. You didn’t think there was anything Catholic-newsworthy going on? Think again.

EWTN is the name in Catholic media. Any prayer you need (or Catholic topic researched), it’s there: TV stations, devotions, websites, apps, radio programming, libraries worth of information. There’s a reason it’s the most visited Catholic website in the US. You can find just about anything Catholic you want!

CNA becoming part of EWTN is peanut butter meets jelly in more ways than one.

Catholic News Agency was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 2004 as a response to John Paul II’s call for a New Evangelization, CNA “takes much of its mission from its sister agency, ACI Prensa, which was founded in Lima, Peru, in 1980 by Fr. Adalbert Marie Mohm,” according to their website.

Fr. Mohm’s goal with ACI Prensa was to make Catholic news available steadily to both secular media outlets. Why? Because he wanted to make the Catholic Church more visible in the public square.

Everyone wants a piece of our eye time, don’t they? If it’s not Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it’s the ticker along the bottom of every TV show, the little invasive commercial pop-ups that aren’t just online anymore, the way everyone seems to try their hand at marketingspeak. (No, I don’t want fries with that.)

But I do want the Catholic perspective.

There’s more going on in the world than what the 20-second sound byte secular media hands me. It’s no surprise, then, that there’s more going on in Catholicism than eery quiet or icky scandals that seem to dominate headlines.

It looks like Fr. Mohm was onto something: ACI Prensa is both the largest and the most visited web-provider of Catholic news in Spanish and Portuguese.

Today’s news that Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa are joining the EWTN Global Network is a reason to cheer. CNA and ACI Prensa have a long history of partnering with EWTN, creating and distributing Catholic news content.

I have to agree with Alejandro Bermudez, executive director for both CNA and ACI Prensa Group, who called this union “a synergistic, natural step to take … truly a ‘match made in Heaven.’”

Who doesn’t want better Catholic news? Better yet, who doesn’t want news from a Catholic perspective?

EWTN’s been working on that, and this union with CNA and ACI Prensa will only make it better.

Hooray, I say, HOORAY. I’m cheering!

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